Nail Solutions

Nails Solutions

Anyone that has ever had a desire to get their nails done in Cape Town or anywhere in the Kuils River area can benefit from carefully choosing the right business that can get the job done. After all, you want the job to be perfect when it is finished. You also want to visit a location that offers a wide variety of services such as acrylic tip overlay, gel tip overlay, fills (both acrylic and gel) and pro polish. In addition, the best salons offer even more services like acrylic sculpture, as well as acrylic and gel French tip overlay. Of course, both general soak off services and soak off gel are offered for customers. There is simply nothing better than having the chance to experience the joy of getting your nails done. Below are many of the services that are typically provided and a short explanation of each one.

Acrylic Tip Overlay

Acrylic Tip Overlay

An acrylic tip is applied to the end of a customer’s own fingernails that matches the desired length according to the customer’s wishes. An acrylic nail polish is then applied over both the remaining portion of the customer’s own nails and the acrylic tip.




 Acrylic Sculpture

Acrylic SculptureJust as the name implies, acrylic sculpture allows the tips that are made from acrylic to be applied to the customer’s fingernails and then sculpted to fit a specific design or shape that the customer specifies. There are a number of different shapes that can be incorporated.





Gel Tip Overlay

Gel OverlayTips are applied to the end of the customer’s fingernails but instead of using acrylic to cover the nails, a gel is used. This gel must then be dried using a specialized lamp that incorporates UV light. The polish dries very rapidly, usually within several seconds to just a couple of minutes..




 Acrylic and Gel French Tip Overlay

Gel French Tip Overlay
Many people love the idea of getting French tips and when this method is incorporated, they can get the same effect using either acrylic or gel nail polish to cover the tips and make the entire fingernail look more uniform in nature.




Fills (Acrylic and Gel)

Acrylic fillsSometimes the nails still look great from the tip back but they need to be filled in from the cuticle forward. It is possible to use either acrylic or gel fills to accomplish this so that the manicure continues to look fresh, as if it were just completed.




Pro Polish

Sometimes the only thing that a customer wants is to have their nails polished by a professional. Having pro polish applied can help customers look their best without forcing them to attempt to do it themselves. This method is great for people who want to keep their nails short.


Soak Off Gel

This incorporates a gel that can be soaked off. It is important to note that not all gel nail polish can be soaked off so if that is what you desire, it is important that you choose one that can be easily soaked off without causing a problem.


Soak Off

Regardless of the type of manicure that a person gets, they may have a desire to be able to soak it off when they decide it is time to change it. Both acrylic and gel tips can be soaked off, but only if the right kind of tips are chosen. The same is true of nail polish.